Third Party Reviews

tom hartman | June 22, 2018 |

"I have been coming to this location since I was transferred from Pittsburgh, I have given it some time, I have never had the same girl twice, I was there today, the inline check in worked great as it always does. I had a girl named Kayla today, without a doubt , no offense to the other stylist there, she had given me the best haircut that I have had, I will only be asking for her when I go back. Thank you to the manager that hired her.!!!! Have a great evening."

Alec McMillan | June 09, 2018 |

"Their check in system needs some work. It wouldnt let me check in online because it said there was a zero minute wait. I get there and now its 30 minutes. The system should let you put your name down and just bypass you if you're not there yet. Also the board gets updated that i'm beinf seen by the staff while I'm actually still waiting."

Carrol Sous | May 06, 2018 |

"As I was waiting to have my hair cut one of the style is started sweeping the entire floor and asked everybody to stand up and move the chairs and kept a standing for 15 minutes. I can understand that sweeping up here after somebody had their haircut but to sweep and mop the entire floor at 2 in the afternoon while three people are waiting to get their hair done that is poor management"

Nicholas Boswell | February 28, 2018 |

"Good haircuts, but sometimes long waits. Does not open on time either."

Brendan Belloise | February 01, 2018 |

"this place is terrible"

Jadon Orlando | August 24, 2017 |

"I wish I could show u a picture of how bad my hair was butchered never Come in before their about to close I had a event coming up got the mister t haircut 😂 where did y'all go to school your fade game is horrible sports cutz"

Aliesha Maddy | July 09, 2017 |

"My husband received a haircut there today and it was one of the worst he has ever received. He asked for a low fade and the lady didn't even blend it correctly. You can clearly see the lines around his head and they are crooked at different spots. The sides are uneven and she even left a small long patch of hair on the side of his head. Husband said she definitely seemed in a hurry because once he sat down she made the comment that she was going to go on break after cutting his hair. He had to go to a different barber shop to get it fixed. Will never go back to this location again."

Ben DeRosia | May 18, 2017 |

"Ms. Danielle was awesome with my 15 month old son. Great haircut and great personality. She will be his barber from now on."

Robin | May 18, 2017 |

"I was given a great haircut by Brittany. I highly recommend her."

Kevin Richter | April 10, 2017 |

"Danielle and Ashley are OUTSTANDING. Walked in looking a mess, left struttin' like a movie star. Thank you, ladies �"